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Posted on 04.29.09
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  • Posted on 04.29.09

I had plenty of time this morning (while waiting for President Obama’s arrival at Lambert) to look through my notes from the City’s Health Department.

Although no cases of H1N1 have been reported in St. Louis, the Health Department has been working with CDC, the state health department, and our partners throughout the community to ensure that there is a unified approach to surveillance, prevention, and control of this strain of influenza. Dr. Jeffrey Lowell is serving as my advisor on this issue.

The most urgent priority right now is to make certain that everyone knows what to look for. So, case definitions have been sent to all local emergency services providers and local schools have been briefed on what to watch for. In addition, Dr. Lowell and the Health Department are working with St. Louis county and others to establish a regional distribution site for the anti-viral medication.

For now, we are being vigilant. If cases of swine flu are actually found here, we will be ready.

Given the amount of attention given to this illness by local and national media, I suspect that this blog will be the 111th source of further information for you about H1N1, but I will keep you up to date if I learn anything new.