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Posted on 02.10.11
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  • Posted on 02.10.11

Guest Blog by St. Louis Streets Director Todd Waelterman:

St. Louis is expecting warmer temperatures this weekend. That doesn't mean that the Streets Department job is finished.

In fact, far from it.

Starting today, we will have trucks ' about 50 of them ' making runs through the residential and tertiary roads. These trucks will not be plowing, but they will be spreading a mixture of salt and sand. For now, that mixture will help to improve traction. This weekend, when we start to see some warmer temperatures, the salt will increase the speed at which the ice melts.

Running our trucks through the side streets - which we normally do not do, unless there is a particularly hazardous condition reported - will cost the City an extra $50,000 in taxpayer money. But, the need is clear. There is just too much ice out there right now. We will be out until we get through all of these streets.

You'll be seeing lots of orange trucks out in about an hour. Give my drivers a wide, safe berth, please. And make sure your car is parked no more than six inches from the curb. That - and the sun - will help.