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Posted on 12.16.11
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  • Posted on 12.16.11

This was written by Eddie Roth:

There's a wonderful seasonal spirit in this city as lights and decorations go up in every neighborhood, and people are seen heading to or from festivities all around town.

"Official" celebrations of the season can be a little bit tricky, in the separation-of-church-and-state sense. Public officials and institutions have a duty to be mindful and sensitive to religious diversity and to be respectful people's right not to be observant.

That doesn't mean, though, that we can't be festive. And nowhere have I seen a more compelling example of what might be called seasonal civic spirituality than on a Sunday evening, earlier this month, when the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department Choir performed at Harris Stowe State University's Givens Auditorium.

The concept of the "Police Family" is itself powerful symbol. But when commissioned officers and civilian employees of our police department join in beautiful song with members of their own families and of the community at large it's hard not to be moved ' and to count the many blessings of community life in the City of St. Louis.