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Posted on 11.23.05
  • 1 min read
  • Posted on 11.23.05

In a new podcast on this site, spirited Laura Winter talked about the power of names — specifically, the name of her neighborhood, Old North St. Louis. It is, she said, too much of a mouthful for some of its residents. We’re thinking about calling ourselves “Oh No” or “No Do” to help with the marketing, she said, tongue only half in cheek.

I thought about Laura and Will Winter when I heard about Amy Gill’s new campaign to re-brand part of Forest Park Southeast as “the Grove.” Amy and her husband, Amrit Gill, own or control an important portfolio of residential and commercial properties along Manchester. Their ambitious plans are to transform Manchester’s old storefronts and the residential blocks behind them into an edgy, vibrant neighborhood. And their thought is that “Forest Park Southeast” lacks the hip cachet that could make the effort easier. So, they have launched a campaign in which a long-neglected City neighborhood earns new life and a new name.

Does a name really matter? Ask Joe Edwards about “The Loop.”