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Posted on 05.02.09
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  • Posted on 05.02.09

David Newburger, a lawyer who heads up the City’s Office on the Disabled, asked a reasonable question in an email to a staffer on Friday:

I am curious about whether this situation was resolved the way we want to do things. A gentleman sought to enter the Clark Street entrance at City Hall today. Using their x-ray machine [the marshals] spotted a gun in his backpack. They detained him. They ascertained the gun had a round in the chamber and a full clip. Their superior told them to take him and the gun out to his car to secure it. The gentleman reported that he had another gun in his car. The gentleman had a concealed carry license. Once the gun was placed in the car, the gentleman was allowed to enter City Hall. His goal was to attend a zoning meeting. Somehow, loaded gun + backpack + neighbor disagreements over zoning strikes me as a questionable situation. You?
Me, too, David. I will ask the City Counselor and the City Marshal to discuss this situation on Monday.

(Meanwhile, the Missouri House has passed an amendment that would allow for concealed carry on college campuses. Sen. Joan Bray has announced she will filibuster the amendment when it reaches the state Senate.)