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Posted on 03.28.07
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  • Posted on 03.28.07

It is becoming common for national newspapers to sing the praises of the renaissance of St. Louis. The latest to jump on our bandwagon is the Boston Globe.

In Sunday*s travel section, the Globe gave rave reviews to six city restaurants: Red Moon, Chez Leon, Eleven Eleven Mississippi, Niche, Sidney Street Café, and Trattoria Marcella.

Here are a couple of excerpts from the article:

Rather than retreat into a self-pitying funk, something remarkable has happened in St. Louis: A city and its people mobilized and took action

Consequently, the St. Louis that frightened moviegoers in the 80s and that prompted my friends departures in the early 90s scarcely resembles the St. Louis of today. The $1.2 billion originally earmarked for improvements by the city has ballooned to $4 billion, resulting in widespread and dramatic change. Since 2000, more than 6,600 apartments and condominiums have been built or are in the planning stages, and thousands more people are projected to live downtown by 2008

Those figures have attracted the attention of restaurateurs nationwide, many wishing to find new outlets to showcase their culinary talents
before an ever-more sophisticated and expanding client base