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Posted on 12.21.07
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  • Posted on 12.21.07

For decades, the St. Louis Public School district has delivered superior educational programs to students at Kennard Elementary, McKinley Middle, and Metro High Schools. The problem, according to parents whose children were not in those schools? Success. There just haven’t been enough resources - space, desks, teachers - to serve all students who qualified for gifted programs.

That is slowly changing.

The SLPS has been steadily increasing the number of screenings it does of its youngest African American students. That has, in turn, increased the enrollment of African American students at Kennard, allowing that school to operate at full enrollment while maintaining the required ratios of students.

The new screenings have also identified plenty of students who have the potential to join gifted programs. Many of these exceptional students are now enrolled in "pull out" gifted programs in their home schools.

Finally, the SLPS has created a gifted “high school” at McKinley by adding a 9th grade to the existing middle school. Next year, they will be adding a 10th next year. This expansion provides an additional 50 students a year with a high-quality gifted education.

This is a great step for the SLPS in listening to City parents and creating opportunities for more children to reach their full potentials.