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Posted on 08.23.13
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  • Posted on 08.23.13

St. Louis City ordinance, regulation, and actual practice have already found accommodations for backyard chickens and rooftop bees. Generally, they are allowed as long their number, noise, and hygiene do not disrupt neighborhoods -- and as long as their treatment is humane.

Goats seem to be the new chickens. My office gets several inquiries a week about the working or pasturing of goats in the city limits. We have been studying the issue and are ready to take a small step toward. When the Board of Aldermen returns, we will likely ask them to approve commercial goat mowing on City property, under contract with the appropriate agency, with plenty of conditions.

There will be an opportunity to discuss the issue during the legislative process - and this is not an open-gate policy. But, in a City that's already growing corn and sunflowers on vacant lots, a goat debate offers another interesting moment in our determined effort to make the City more sustainable - and fun.