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Posted on 06.28.09
  • 1 min read
  • Posted on 06.28.09

A break in the heat wave gives us the chance to catch our civic breath — and to prepare ourselves for the humidity’s inevitable return. More than 1,200 local church congregations and employees of the City of St. Louis are distributing an informational card advising seniors, people with disabilities, and parents of very young children how to find the community resources they need to keep cool.

This is good work, but some people will — inevitably — be missed by the organized effort. That’s where you come in. Please keep an eye on your own family and on your neighbors. Make sure they are ready for a St. Louis summer.

There is financial assistance to help low-income households pay utility bills; there are donated air conditioners; there are emergency cooling centers. None of that matters, though, if someone slips through the cracks. Help, please.