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Posted on 09.21.09
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  • Posted on 09.21.09

According to a new study, the City of St. Louis currently ranks sixth among 273 big cities in on-line giving to charities. Only Alexandria, Cambridge, Minneapolis, Arlington (VA), and Seattle rank higher. The per capita rankings are based on on-line donations this year through August 31, processed by a major payments firm for nonprofits across the country.

Is the ranking correct?

Most readers know that I tend to be skeptical about these national rankings. Still, there is a way to “test” this one. Dozens of great community organizations urgently need your financial assistance. Choose one you like, find its website, and make a donation. The arts? The cure for a disease? A religious charity? Animal House? The choice is really up to you.

(The image celebrates a pair of $5,000 contributions made this month made by the Express Scripts Foundation and Citi to Heat Up/Cool Down St. Louis.)