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Posted on 08.18.11
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  • Posted on 08.18.11

More Americans ' and more St. Louisans - than ever support charter schools. A recent poll by The Gallup Organization shows that half of all Americans now support the concept of free, public schools that operate independently, without some of the regulations that bind district public schools. This school year, one out of every 3 students attending public schools in St. Louis City is enrolled in a charter school.

The Gallup results are here: http://www.gallup.com/poll/18682/americans-more-receptive-charter-school...

My own conversations reinforce the poll's findings: St. Louis families are more and more receptive to charters. Families favor neighborhood-based schools (GSA, CLA, City Garden), schools that are innovative or unique (SLLIS, Grand Center Arts), and schools that lead children to college (Preclarus, South City Prep). "Customer service" is key - parents feel wanted by their children's schools. And parents demand quality.

The charter schools that opened since my 2007 call for great charter schools are showing real results. I believe that these schools will continue to grow in quality and continue to attract families to educate their children in the City.