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Posted on 12.17.12
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  • Posted on 12.17.12

I am not unfamiliar with gun violence. Nor are you. Newtown or St. Louis, it must be clear to almost everyone but the most obdurate that there are too many handguns out there and that access to them is too easy.

Today, I join Mayors Against Illegal Guns co-chairs Michael Bloomberg and Thomas Menino in asking President Barack Obama to send a bill to Congress establishing a national policy that closes loopholes in our gun laws and reduces the number of gun in our cities. (The patchwork of laws and regulations regarding the sale/transfer of guns, and the sale of assault weapons/outsized magazines are two topics that warrant immediate attention.)

A Federal policy would be best and fairest.

The Missouri Constitution prohibits St. Louis from further regulating guns on our own. The General Assembly could change that.

And, while Congress and the General Assembly are at it, a restoration of the Federal and state funds aimed at mental health would be very welcome in the cities most affected by the decades of cuts.