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Posted on 10.14.05
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  • Posted on 10.14.05

Yesterday, I wondered aloud what new magic Gateway Greening had in mind for Downtown’s medians and parks. Here’s what they sent me:

On Oct 28, Horstmann Brothers will donate time to prepare the beds for clearing. On Oct 29th, Gateway Greening volunteers, St. Louis University Make a Difference Day volunteers, and Master Gardeners will clean out the smaller annuals and roll up the irrigation lines for storage. Next we will dig out the huge canna and elephant ears. Some will head to Bohn’s Farm to be potted up, stored over the winter and replanted next spring. The largest ones will head to cool storage at A and J’s produce.

Once all the annuals are out of the beds, we will plant a cover crop of winter wheat edged with purple and yellow pansies. The winter wheat will germinate by late fall and provide an attractive barrier that will prevent soil erosion and retain moisture. The pansies will bloom until the weather gets very wintery, then reappear in early spring and carry their blooms until it is time to replant the jungle.

The pansies are a part of a large donation to Gateway Greening community gardens from Dix Nurseries. Area landscape and nursery businesses are donating time, trucks, equipment, supplies and storage space.

They are going to need plenty of volunteers, so save the day.