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Posted on 02.19.09
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  • Posted on 02.19.09

Better Family Life, one of the City’s partners (along with SLPS, ARCHS, and the SPOT) in finding ways to keep local high school students in school, will be hosting a student-led summit this morning at Harris-Stowe University. Students from Beaumont, Vashon, and Roosevelt high schools — where the drop-out rates ar disappointingly high — will be asked to share their own ideas for re-engaging their peers with school and their community.

Tough economic times make it difficult for high school graduates to find good jobs. They make it nearly impossible for high school drop-outs to find jobs at all.

This summit, which is being funded by a grant from America’s Promise Alliance, is one of three that the City will hold this year — and is a part of a much wider effort to prepare City kids for lives as good neighbors, citizens, workers, and parents.

I will let you know later what the kids suggest.