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Posted on 12.11.07
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  • Posted on 12.11.07

At the risk of sounding like a sci-fi writer, I want to tell you about a briefing I recently got from Police Chief Joe Mokwa about a possible new crime fighting tool. According to the chief, there are new technologies available that track crime data on a nearly real-time basis. In some cases, the analysis comes so quickly that police can almost predict criminal behavior — and, therefore, stop it.

That would be a good thing. Crime is down by 16 percent in the City so far this year. I attribute that decline to aggressive policing, to additional jail space, to the hard work of a special unit in the Circuit Attorney’s office that prosecutes career criminals, to a crack down on absentee owners of the sorts of problem properties in which bad elements congregate or do business, and to expanded prevention programs.

But, we need to be working every day — examining every possible tool — to find ways to do even better.