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Posted on 11.10.07
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  • Posted on 11.10.07

I won’t pretend to understand Marines. (As Gen. William Thornson said, only two kinds of people understand Marines, Marines and the enemy. Like everyone else’s, my opinion is second-hand.) But, I have a Marine in my office, and he has reminded me that the United States Marine Corps is celebrating its 232nd birthday today. The day will be marked around the country with wreath laying and remembrance ceremonies, formal Balls, and — if Tim Embree is correct — a variety of more informal observances. Many local Marines will likely be at a bash at the St. Louis Airport Marriott tonight; others will celebrate where they are deployed throughout the world. It is my honor to offer Tim and his fellow Marines my best wishes and a hearty thanks for their service.

Elsewhere in St. Louis, the rest of us will be downtown today marking Veterans Day with a parade. This is an observance of particular poignance since many of the country’s current military personnel — tomorrow’s veterans — are overseas. Today’s parade seems like a good way to salute past service rendered — and active service. I hope to see you there.