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Posted on 12.03.09
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  • Posted on 12.03.09

You have read (and probably said) plenty about “the federal stimulus program.” What you may not know is that there are actually many programs — and there is a great deal of documentation, none of quite the same, for each.

Here is an example:

Two weeks ago, the City submitted its Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (“EECBG”) application to the Department of Energy. The City had received a total “entitlement” of approximately $3.7 million through the Economic Recovery/ARRA appropriations bill signed into law in February, 2008, but was required to submit an application that details proposed uses of the funds. (In an earlier application for $250,000, the City requested and received approval for the hiring of a new Sustainability Director and the performance of energy audits and City buildings.)

The energy application — drafted by Barb Geisman, Helen Yane, and Catherine Werner — detailed a range of activities intended to make City buildings more energy efficient so that we can spend the savings on more energy efficiency and on citizen services; programs to reduce energy use in homes and businesses; programs to encourage alternative transportation; and programs that will demonstrate new technologies to the region.

Some of the actions/programs I liked a lot are: heating and cooling controls in City Hall and the Carnahan Courthouse that could save 30 — 50 percent of the energy current being used; LED street lights along part of Natural Bridge (ask Todd Waeltermann about 480 volt street light circuits!); greater use of compact fluorescent lights to save energy and money, particularly in low-income neighborhoods; and a downtown bicycle commuting station.

Expect some announcements about these and other programs soon.