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Posted on 10.29.05
  • 1 min read
  • Posted on 10.29.05

My browser’s Favorites tab has saved me a lot of time. Who can remember all those pesky URLs?

I don’t always have time to go cybervisiting, but there are several websites by St. Louisans that I enjoy when I do.

Aside from the obvious political choices, like Jo Mannies’ Political Fix, the ArchPundit’s Blog Saint Louis, and John Combest’s useful daily digest of news, there are some very good non-political blogs by City residents that capture the challenges and fun of living and working in St. Louis.

A mayoral endorsement is probably a two-edged sword for a blog, but a site penned by the anonymous Citywmn is usually a well-worded observation by a thoughtful person. It’s worth a line on your Favorites tab and a click.