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Posted on 08.30.07
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  • Posted on 08.30.07

Floating in the punchbowl of acclaim surrounding the region’s recent St. Louis Fashion Week events are the comments of a local used clothing seller who pooh-poohed the idea to the Associated Press. "Chicago doesn’t even have a decent fashion scene," she told the AP’s Betsy Taylor, "so St. Louis really doesn’t."

And yet, Madeline, I think you’ve missed something important.

According to my fashion advisor (OK, according to my wife), locally-based designs by Skif, AFV, and Vitamin, as well as Jesse Kamm, an LA-based designer with St. Louis ties, stood up very well on the catwalks of Washington Avenue. And the fact that some of the country’s hip young designers brought their clothes to St. Louis suggests that our city’s tastes — like our city’s former garment district — are getting more sophisticated every day.

One of the things about the new St. Louis that I most like is how sour — and unfashionable — a geographic inferiority complex sounds these days.

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