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Posted on 09.18.11
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  • Posted on 09.18.11

City neighborhoods know being smart on crime means staying alert, looking out for our neighbors, and trusting our instincts and calling police when something doesn't seem right. Two incidents over the past week -- one in Lafayette Square and another in O'Fallon Park ' were devastating reminders of a category of crime that requires special vigilance. Last Tuesday afternoon, a 29-year old woman was confronted and shot by her estranged husband as she stepped out of her car near Lafayette Square. They were in the middle of a divorce. The court had issued an order of protection against him. She and her unborn child were killed. On Friday evening, a 20-year old woman was stabbed to death by another young woman in an incident police described as an "on-going family feud." We can be smart about family violence, and have a major impact. Accomplished advocacy groups in St. Louis can teach us how. It begins with citizens, neighborhoods and faith groups educating themselves. It depends on our putting family violence out in the open and making community response a high priority. It requires us to be alert, to look out for our neighbors, to trust our instincts and be prepared to act something when doesn't seem right.