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Posted on 09.27.07
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  • Posted on 09.27.07

I have asked the City’s Personnel Director, Rick Frank, to take a very hard look at the results of the first phase of the recent firefighters entrance exam. (Rick had cancelled the results earlier this month.) In fairness to those who took and passed the test, I want him to be absolutely sure that it cannot be used.

All employers, particularly public employers like cities, are in the same situation. The City of St. Louis wants to hire the best-qualified people possible. And we do not want a test that illegally discriminates against any candidates.

Just about every test given in the St. Louis Fire Department has been the subject of litigation, testing one or the other of those issues. Rick told me he wants to make it less likely that this particular test will be the subject of litigation — for keeping it or for throwing it out.

That’s what Rick is considering right now. It should take him another few days to reach a final conclusion.

No one should get their hopes — or ire — up. If Rick — who is very good at this stuff — is convinced the test is valid, it will go forward. If not, the Department of Personnel will hold a new test as quickly as possible.

I have been adamant with Rick. I want an entrance test that will identify the best qualified future firefighters. But, I understand it also has to pass legal muster.