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Posted on 04.10.07
  • 1 min read
  • Posted on 04.10.07

As you might expect, one of the City’s most popular programs is one to which residents can address their complaints. Who doesn’t like a good listener? Every day, the Citizens Service Bureau logs the gripes, questions, and requests of our residents and passes them along to the most appropriate agencies, departments, and individuals to connect the City’s services to the City’s residents. After the requests are recorded, CSB employees follow up to make sure the tasks actually get done.

Working at CSB is a tough job, and few do it better than Shelly Martin, the CSB’s veteran customer service supervisor. In a bureau of hard workers, Shelly stands out both for her professionalism and for her no-nonsense attitude of standing up for “her” customers. In recognition of her exemplary service this past year, I today named Shelly the City’s Employee of the Year.

Shelly was in good company. Six other City employees — Waynetta Alderson, Char Deeken, Sonia Day, Donald Westbrook, Julia Allen, and Jo Ann Hunter — were nominated by their bosses and co-workers (or by City residents) and were honored with Mayor’s Service Awards today.

As a rule, City employees are hard working, conscientious individuals who are committed to making St. Louis a great city. But, this year’s award winners particularly exemplify the ‘will do whatever it takes’ attitude that is so important in moving St. Louis forward. It was a pleasure to recognize them.