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Posted on 03.06.07
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  • Posted on 03.06.07

Voters fine-tuned the City’s direction tonight, returning all but one incumbent alderman to office, but selecting a new President to lead them. The election results suggest to me that City voters like many of the changes that have happened in City neighborhoods over the past few years — and that we are ready for an even faster pace.

Lewis Reed is a smart, articulate community leader. His energy has quickened development in the 6th Ward and his passion has galvanized his ward’s diverse residents into some of the City’s most vocal boosters — united by their hopes, rather than divided by their fears. I certainly look forward to working with Lewis on E&A and at the Board of Aldermen.

The re-election of the vast majority of aldermen is another happy outcome of today’s election. I wrote here recently that this Board is one of the best I have seen in my years at City Hall. With Lewis’s leadership, I think the Board is poised to become an even more important participant in the City’s renaissance.

Finally, no one should think that City voters doubted Jim Shrewsbury’s competence or his obvious love for the City. His service has been long and good — and will be so remembered.