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Posted on 06.23.09
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  • Posted on 06.23.09

I learned in early May that the City will receive $5.3 million special Economic Recovery Community Development Block Grant funds - CDBG-R. I asked City departments, aldermen, neighborhood organizations, and other nonprofits for ideas on how best to use it. I received more than $70 million worth of ideas from before the application deadline in early June.

The final list submitted includes a wide variety of activities throughout the City that will enhance our environmental and economic sustainability, help the City reinvent our economy, produce jobs, and improve neighborhoods.

Here are some of the activities that CDBG-R will fund, in whole or in part:

A new non-profit “farm” in Baden, developed by Catholic Charities, that will both grow produce and sell it at affordable prices to neighborhood residents.

A new off-street parking lot in the “Grand South Grand” business district that will help relieve congestion and parking issues that inhibit the district’s growth.

Architectural and engineering services in preparation for the “Carondelet Connector” segment of the River des Peres Greenway.

A “green alley” between Grand and Spring off Utah, and a pilot project that will test whether the restoration of brick alleys in Dutchtown is cost-effective and environmentally beneficial.

Enhancements at Tandy Park in the Ville neighborhood that will help PHL and its associates prepare a quality professional football field and other amenities for Sumner High School and neighborhood residents.

Street and sidewalk improvements at St. Louis Community College’s new Harrison Center on Cass Avenue.

Environmentally friendly infrastructure improvements in Arlington Grove, a major residential and commercial development on which McCormack Baron Associates, Friendly Temple Church, and the St. Louis Housing Authority are partnering.

Eco-lighting for the Meramec Commercial District.

Here is a link to more detail on these and other projects included in the application

Our next push is for the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant, another Economic Recovery opportunity. These applications are due June 25.

The deadlines on all these applications are tight. I thank both the staff and the City’s elected officials, especially the aldermen, for working hard to meet them.