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Posted on 07.27.07
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  • Posted on 07.27.07

Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan recently told MisouriNet that she was frustrated by the failure of the Missouri General Assembly to pass legislation to allow state residents to cast ballots any time during the two weeks preceding a state election. “Early voting” is already the law in dozens of other states and has not only Carnahan’s support, but also the support of her predecessor as Secretary, Matt Blunt. It is not, as Carnahan correctly points out, a partisan issue.

Regulars readers of this blog know that I agree with both Secretaries on this subject. Anything that makes it more likely to involve a greater number of voters in the electoral process is a good idea. The only group with a compelling interest in blocking early voting is the one that makes those last minute robo-calls reminding people to get to the polls the next day.