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Posted on 07.14.05
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  • Posted on 07.14.05

St. Louis children have waited a long time for Superintendent Creg Williams.

In less than 90 days on the job at SLPS, Dr. Williams has already accomplished what few in his position have done. He told the truth. Bravely and passionately. And loudly.

He reminded people attending a School Board meeting this week — many of them District employees — that his number one priority is the children of the District, not the adults employed by it. He showed them the kids’ reading, math, and science scores, all well below state average. He showed them the embarrassing graduation rate; the high drop out rate; the low ACT scores. He showed them that unless the District changes — unless the employees change what they do — too many City children face a cloudy future.

He then distributed documents showing that there are too many teaching positions in the district. He told the audience that teachers and administrators should put the needs of the children first, even if that means teaching at a different school or in a different way. He reminded District employees in the audience of their vocation to educate children.

As Mayor, I listen to the concerns about public education expressed by parents, employers, and taxpayers. Dr. Williams hears the same things. And he, too, is doing something about it.