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Posted on 09.29.05
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  • Posted on 09.29.05

Here’s an update from the engineers working on the traffic/pedestrian study for the Central Business District. It’s written in colloquial engineer, but you’ll get the general sense.

The Steering Committee recently reviewed the results of the Stakeholder Survey. Response to the survey was favorable, leading to the identification of specific concerns related to vehicular and pedestrian circulation, signal operations, loading zones and parking issues within the CBD. Commentary on proposed modifications was also received to facilitate the screening of improvement alternatives.

These issues are now being evaluated in the field and are being supplemented with research on current practices, as well as meetings with selected parties, to identify major needs and constraints. Preliminary findings will be presented to the Steering Committee in October. It is anticipated that the potential benefits of signal system improvements which will be implemented later this fall will also be quantified at that time.

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