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Posted on 04.28.11
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  • Posted on 04.28.11

Earlier today, I participated in the grand opening of the region's first bicycle commuter station. It is an ARRA-funded project that advances our goals to be a bike-friendly ' and healthier ' city. And it adds to range of other projects and initiatives that will make St. Louis into a more sustainable region.

The station was a long time coming and it still would not be here without the efforts of Trailnet, the Partnership for Downtown, Great Rivers Greenway, and a bike rack full of government, corporate, business and institutional sponsors. They deserve our thanks. (Big Shark, which will operate a shop here as Urban Shark, deserves our custom.)

This station is about giving those who work or visit downtown more options. And it is intended to be one more element that appeals to those interested in living, working, or playing here. Many people have told me over the years that they would ride their bicycles to work if only there were places to park them and a place to change clothes. Now, there is a place. You can purchase a membership from Trailnet.

I bought the first membership and parked the first bike at the station. The rest is really up to you. I will use the success of this project as a measure of your interest in doing more things like this.