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Posted on 04.14.09
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  • Posted on 04.14.09

One of the several tragedies about the military veterans living among other chronically homeless people in the St. Louis region is that a range of programs — and revenue — already exists specifically to help veterans. The challenge we face as a community is matching veterans to the services available to help them.

Some of you live, work, or spend a lot of time in City neighborhoods, like the Loop, the CWE, the central business district, and Washington Avenue, in which you may have become acquainted with some of the homeless people who regularly hang out on the loading docks, doorways, bus stops, and park benches. If you are familiar enough with them to know if they are vets, you can help them (and your neighborhood) by making them familiar with the telephone number for Employment Connection. (It’s 333-5621.)

Employment Connection, a state and federally funded program that is partnered with the City’s department of social services, matches a wide range of services — temporary and permanent housing, jobs placement, training, counseling, medical treatment, transportation — available to homeless veterans who need them.

There are probably enough resources in St. Louis to get every willing veteran off the street; but, there are not enough eyes on the street to find them all. That’s where you can help us. Please pass along the telephone number. It’s 333-5621.