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Posted on 08.11.05
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  • Posted on 08.11.05

One of the most exciting things about the City’s renaissance is the explosion of great food choices. Dozens of new restaurants have opened in neighborhoods over the past year or two — all of them conspiring to lure me away from a disciplined (OK, dull) diet.

One of my new favorites is Red Moon, an Asian/French restaurant tucked into an alley off Washington Avenue.

Two notes on my desk reminded of this.

  • According to the Downtown St. Louis Partnership, twenty downtown restaurants (including Red Moon) will be participating in a sort of food festival Aug. 22 — 27. They’re calling it a "Restaurant Week" and they plan to offer special 3-course menus for $25; and

  • As soon as he has completed the permitting process, a man named Doug Nguyen is planning to use the former Tangerine space in the 1400 block of Washington as an “upscale, urban” restaurant serving Vietnamese and Chinese tapas.

    Back to the gym.