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Posted on 07.20.09
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  • Posted on 07.20.09

That it took four months (plus a letter from the Board of Aldermen and a phone call from a reporter) to put up all the additional signage for red-light cameras at dangerous intersections is a problem. But, it raised a more important one. When the Board of Aldermen (or the MO General Assembly or a Mayoral Executive Order) requires an action by a city department or a patronage office, how should the word get passed along to the responsible person or agency in a timely, useful way?

In the case of the RLC supplementary sign ordinance, there wasn’t really a consequence: the original red-light ordinance language already required signage (which was in place) and neither the original nor the additional signage has anything to do with the offense of running a red light.

I have asked my new legislative liaison, Mary Ellen Ponder; operations director Ron Smith; and City Counselor Patti Hageman to work together with President Lewis Reed’s office and the City Registrar to ensure that ordinances and orders do not fall through the cracks.