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Posted on 03.30.11
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  • Posted on 03.30.11

Here are some words from Christie Huck, executive director of City Garden Montessori Charter School:

"City Garden Montessori Charter School is one of the two charter schools in St. Louis that exceeded the state standard on the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) test last year. We were cited for that achievement in the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools' recently-released report "Delivering on the Promise."

"City Garden has adopted a model for success that includes slow, gradual growth and very high community engagement. A local, parent-led initiative, City Garden opened our charter elementary school in 2008 with just 53 students. We have continued to add just 25 students per year. Though this model is somewhat challenging financially, it allows us to very intentionally cultivate a school culture that provides the sense of safety that parents want, meets students' academic needs and creates confident, caring, responsible, critically-thinking human beings.

"Though City Garden will not solve the entirety of the city's educational challenges, we do offer our efforts as a viable and attainable model for reform: a small, neighborhood school with an innovative educational approach, high community engagement and a commitment to meeting the accountability standards set by our sponsor and by the state."

City Garden is currently full. Is that any wonder? Parents want great schools. Students deserve them. Cities need them. Over the next several months, I will be announcing the plans of several new charter public schools that I have recruited and encouraged to locate here.