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Posted on 10.06.11
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  • Posted on 10.06.11

Dear Protestors:

I am sympathetic to your cause. The issues you raise are important ones. Thank you for raising them.

That said, please obey the law.

For the past five or so days, you have camped out at Kiener Plaza. That is in violation of a City ordinance that sets a curfew in the parks. The days that you were there have included visits to the City of St. Louis by the president and by tens of thousands of baseball fans. Both were good occasions for you to make your point. And you did.

The Metropolitan Police Department has begun enforcing the municipal ordinance. That will mean either citations or arrests, at the discretion of the police chief. (If City officials controlled the department, it would be at our discretion. We do not.)

Whichever it is, the point will be the same. You have every right to protest peacefully. You have every obligation to obey the law or accept the consequences of not doing so.

The SLMPD really does have more urgent things to do.