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Posted on 10.02.07
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  • Posted on 10.02.07

Mayors in cities across the country are watching the legislative progress of the FY 2008 funding bill for the federal Department of Justice.

That’s because there is an important difference between the version of the bill passed by the US House of Representatives and the one approved by a Senate committe: the House version, but not the Senate committee version, includes millions of dollars for the COPS hiring program.

Restoring funding for key law enforcement partnership programs is a major priority in the mayors’ 10-Point Plan: Strong Cities, Strong Families, For a Strong America. And it should be a major priority of Missouri’s US Senators.

Senator Joe Biden will be offering an amendment this week to add $110 million in COPS hiring grants to the Senate bill.

I hope that both of Missouri’s Senate votes will be in favor of this critical funding for St. Louis and other American cities.