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Posted on 07.10.07
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  • Posted on 07.10.07

College Summit is a national not-for-profit group that offers some low-income students in districts like the St. Louis Public Schools the tools they need to prepare for — and enroll in — a college or university. The program tries to identify otherwise-neglected mid-tier students who could certainly succeed in post-secondary education (if they ever got there) and match them up with the help and encouragement they need to find their way to higher ed.

College Summit has had solid success in the St. Louis public schools — and they can count on me as a fan of their mission. Higher education usually means better jobs — and better lives — for our students.

That’s why I was happy to bring College Summit — and the stories of its successes — to the attention of the mayors who sit with me on the Jobs, Education and Workforce Committee of the US Conference of Mayors.

Here’s a picture of me with JB Schramm, founder of College Summit; and LA Mayor Tony Villaraigosa, who hosted the Mayors’ conference.