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Posted on 12.05.05
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  • Posted on 12.05.05

I recently asked you to tell me about the City’s most senior citizen — either the oldest resident or the person who has lived in St. Louis the longest. Dozens of you sent in suggestions, including a very young man who nominated his 62-year old grandmother as “the oldest person in St. Louis.” I have forwarded some of the most interesting stories — though not the youthful grandmother’s — to the Suburban Journals.

I’m ready to ask for your help again.

A former mayoral aide, Mark Ribbing, told the daily newspaper that he had recently proposed to Becca Ross in the state park at the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. That’s a lovely setting, although it is not in the City.

So, here’s my request: if you proposed (or were proposed to) in an interesting place in the City of St. Louis, send me your story.