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Posted on 05.04.09
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  • Posted on 05.04.09

Rick Erwin passes relatively unnoticed in St. Louis on most days. That was definitely not the case in Philadelphia last week where Erwin, who is the operations manager for City Museum, attended the AAM’s 2009 Annual Meeting and MuseumExpo representing his boss, St. Louis sculptor Bob Cassilly. Erwin said that he was mobbed at every session and asked a million or so questions about Cassilly, City Museum, and St. Louis.

That’s no real surprise to me. City Museum even opens jaded local eyes. Going on the second year of a highway shutdown and a rough economy, City Museum’s paid attendance is up.

Erwin said that the most common question he was asked was whether the rest of St. Louis was like the museum. (The answer is no, but we’re trying.)