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Posted on 04.26.12
  • 1 min read
  • Posted on 04.26.12

Email is how City employees and departments communicate with each other, and how our residents and businesses communicate with City government.

Our current email system ' old and unreliable - hasn't worked very well for a while. Employees have had many troubles accessing their emails and attachments or have experienced email outages and delays. When employees are not at their desks, it has been difficult for them to reach the email server from mobile devices or from computers outside of the network. All of these challenges have hampered our ability to respond to citizens efficiently ' or, even, to hear from them.

That couldn't continue, so we have been looking for a new way to handle that communication. After evaluating several competitive bids, the City of St. Louis has selected cloud-based Google Apps for Government because it best suits our needs for a reliable, secure, and cost-effective email system. Our employees will be able to access email reliably at their desks and will be able to stay connected, anytime and anywhere. This will likely make them more productive; it will certainly make them happier.

Because Google is a familiar and trusted brand (and many employees currently use Gmail for their personal email), I am confident that this will be a smooth transition.

My staff will work closely with Google and Datson Corporation (a Google Apps reseller) to complete the migration in the next few months.