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Posted on 09.30.11
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  • Posted on 09.30.11

City residents who are active in neighborhood safety and improvement efforts ' and anyone else interested in becoming involved ' are invited to Bishop Willie Ellis Hall at 5939 Goodfellow Boulevard, Monday, October 3, at 6 p.m.

I will be meeting 27th Ward Alderman Greg Carter there. So will Aldermanic President Lewis Reed, St. Louis Police Chief Dan Isom, St. Louis Circuit Court Presiding Judge Steve Ohmer, and Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce.

All of us will be there to learn.

Citizens from neighborhoods across the city will be leading the meeting. They will be giving a crash course on an imaginative and innovative public safety program called the "Neighborhood Ownership Model. "

The more you learn about the program the more impressed you will be.

Residents of the Lafayette Square Neighborhood developed, improved and refined it over two years. They brought it to the Dutchtown Neighborhood, offering training to neighbors there. Now they are introducing it to other community groups, including the 27th Ward's North Pointe neighborhood.

Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce, and her assistant Rachel Smith, supported the program from the start. They have helped to raise its visibility across the city. Chief Isom has pledged to assign special neighborhood liaison officers to neighborhoods that complete the training and get a program up and running.

From my office, and the Department of Public Safety, neighborhood stabilization officers have been assisting with the organizing. The Citizen's Service Bureau coordinates other city services to help alleviate special threats to public safety and neighborhood stability identified by citizen volunteers.

Here's the key: Citizens are cast in the leading role. Police, public officials and city agencies support their efforts. That's how you keep city neighborhoods stable and safe.

I hope to see you Monday evening at Bishop Ellis Hall.