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Posted on 10.01.12
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  • Posted on 10.01.12

I would like to congratulate Col. Dan Isom on today's announcement that he will be joining the faculty of the University of Missouri - St. Louis at the end of the year.

Then-Major Dan Isom was my choice to be chief in 2008 - and we skipped over quite a few more senior officers to get him.

I had recognized in Dan a strong leader who would get the best out of the men and women under his command. I knew him as a person of integrity and honor, as a tough cop, and as a great role model for young people.

During the interviews for the job, Dan convinced me that he was readyto improve the department ' by using modern police tactics and technologies to take criminals off our streets and prevent crime before it happens; by using and improving street patrols to make all of our neighborhoods safe; and by understanding the urgent need to repair and restore the department's credibility.

I have worked with Dan on several major anti-crime initiatives. I know that the success of the Wells-Goodfellow anti-violence initiative is attributable, in large measure, to the fact that Dan planned it, organized it, and lead it.

I have asked one thing of Chief Isom during his tenure: that he never hesitate to speak the truth about crime, its causes, and what needs to be done to stop it.

Dan Isom proved himself to be the right choice for chief. He has made his city a safer place and his department a stronger one. I will miss his leadership, but will be my honor to call him PROFESSOR Isom. And I hope to continue to rely on his wise counsel.