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Posted on 05.16.07
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  • Posted on 05.16.07

St. Louis Public School superintendent Diana Bourisaw and school board member Katie Wessling looked at charter schools (free public schools that operate independently of the school system, but are held accountable by their sponsor) and seemed to reach very different conclusions in an article in today’s newspaper.

According to the P-D, Dr. Bourisaw has proposed a district budget that anticipates what the newspaper article called "mass defections” to charter schools — and has predicted that the number of City students attending charters to find better educations will increase to 9,000 students next year, from 5,900 students this year.

Ms. Wessling, though, was quoted at the end of the same article saying that she does not think City parents upset with the public schools want to send their kids to charter schools. She thinks they’d rather move.

Both Dr. Bourisaw and Ms. Wessling are right about one thing: City parents and their children are seeking better public schools.