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Posted on 11.09.07
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  • Posted on 11.09.07

Everyone can agree that all children deserve access to a quality, free education. But how to get enough good schools in our neighborhoods remains a challenge.

St. Louis offers so much for families — parks, cultural institutions, neighborhoods with their own unique architecture and culture, short commutes to work — pretty much everything except enough quality public schools. Sure, there are really good private and parochial schools that charge a tuition, but all City residents, regardless of financial circumstances, deserve access to good schools. There are good public schools in St. Louis, but there are just not enough of them.

One way I think we can get good schools to come to St. Louis is to ask them. In other cities across America, teachers and parents have opened charter schools — free, public schools that operate outside the district’s bureaucracy. My office has designed an application and review process that will help me determine which quality schools to support.

How many will that be? We’ll see. My focus is on quality — measurable results. Maybe we can see two or three new schools in the next year or so. Maybe more, maybe fewer. But every new, quality public school we see open in our City is one more than we had yesterday.