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Posted on 09.15.07
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  • Posted on 09.15.07

No tables. Only a few chairs. Retail-style displays. A self-service checkout station. What kind of a library is that?

Well, according to Library Journal, it’s a very successful one. Central Express is the St. Louis Public Library Central Library’s 7,000 sf outpost in the Old Post Office. And it is drawing thousands of patrons a month, most of them new library cardholders; and curious librarians from throughout the state.

Central Express displays about 3,500 titles at a time - and tries to keep them current. It also shows off different parts of the big Central Library’s many collections of historical documents and artifacts.

If you happen to get there before I do, you could probably check out a book I want to read, Walter Isaacson’s new biography of Albert Einstein. Just don’t be late returning it. I know the head librarian.