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Posted on 09.13.05
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  • Posted on 09.13.05

Four prominent local cultural institutions with an African American focus are planning to ask City and county voters to add them to the Zoo Museum District as a single African American History Museum and Cultural sub-district.

I have met with their representatives and fully support this effort.

Our region’s African American heritage — in music, art, letters, commerce, and jurisprudence — deserves both careful preservation and proud celebration. A dedicated revenue stream — from either a separate sub-district or a voter-approved expansion of an existing sub-district — would provide the stability in funding necessary for them to accomplish both tasks.

Institutions already in the District are the Zoo, the History Museum, the Art Museum, the Science Center, and the Botanical Garden. These institutions all receive the proceeds from small dedicated property tax assessments in both the City and the county.

Last year, I supported an effort by the St. Louis Symphony, another culturally significant institution, to be added as a sub-district. The Symphony, however, decided not to proceed at that time. When they are ready, I will support their effort, too.