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Posted on 09.07.07
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  • Posted on 09.07.07

Few things are as annoying to me as the news that City employees have been caught doing something illegal. Aside from the inherent wrongness of their actions, such news reinforces an unfortunate stereotype that does grave injustice to the reputations of hundreds of their honest colleagues.

The vast majority of City employees are great, hard-working public servants. A few, though, are not. This week, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce has charged four employees — a deputy City marshal and three Streets workers — with felony stealing for allegedly using public resources for private purposes.

It’s a sordid, stupid story. According to the charges and other reports, the deputy convinced the other three employees to pave a parking pad on her property. She offered them each $100 — and paid two of them with IOUs. Cost to taxpayers? About $1200 of materials, equipment, and time.

The City will not tolerate cheaters. We’ll prosecute them when we catch them. I want to thank Police Chief Joe Mokwa and the Circuit Attorney for their prompt attention to this matter. And I want to acknowledge Streets Director Todd Waeltermann and City Marshal Ron Hill for bringing the incident to public attention and cooperating with the investigation.