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Posted on 11.06.05
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  • Posted on 11.06.05

We’re pretty familiar with flood warnings in St. Louis. After all, we live near the confluence of two great rivers — and 1993 wasn’t all that long ago.

Most of us have at least a made-for-TV-movie idea — and worry — about earthquakes. With our brick and masonry building stock and the proximity of the New Madrid fault, that’s understandable.

The City of St. Louis maintains a very expensive, first-class fire department. Given the relative density of the urban core and our cherished historic buildings, that’s a prudent precaution.

We’re used to water, earth, and fire as the stuff of our disaster nightmares.

That’s why it was somewhat surprising to find St. Louis — along with New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago — on a Florida professor’s published short-list of places in which the real fear factor should be . . . heat waves.

Roll over, Robert Frost.