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Posted on 07.29.13
  • 2 min read
  • Posted on 07.29.13

Today is the long-awaited day of justice for a City neighborhood. A piece of in its heart, poisoned by contamination and tangled in unequal parts of law and neglect, will ' by an agreement announced today - soon be restored.

The people who live near Carter Carburetor have been frustrated at how long this has taken. So, have I. This has long been a goal'albeit a frustrating one'for me and my administration. I am very pleased that we now have an agreement to move forward.

In particular, I want to thank Otis Williams, my director of development, who led our team. He was tireless and would not take no for an answer.

The City of St. Louis and the St. Louis Development Corporation have worked diligently with the Environmental Protection Agency to make sure that this complicated and extremely contaminated site will be cleaned by the responsible parties. I'm particularly grateful to Congressman Lacy Clay and his staff for working for years to get to this day.

When I spoke at the site today I said this to Flint Fowler and to the neighbors who have driven past, walked their dogs, or feared their kids were playing too close: Your voices were heard. You insisted you have a right to a clean and safe environment to raise children and grow jobs. Today acknowledges that right.

Although the cleanup will take some five years to complete, I'm encouraged that we've passed this important milestone. All of the legal agreements are in place, and the clean-up work is ready to proceed. Our hope is restored that in the near future, the long-neglected site can once again become a community asset.