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Posted on 10.03.05
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  • Posted on 10.03.05

With the regular baseball season in the record books, most St. Louisans have little difficulty naming their favorite Cardinals: MVP Albert Pujols; everyday catcher Yadi Molina; veterans Larry Walker and Jim Edmonds; hurlers Chris Carpenter and Jason Isringhausen; steady skipper Tony LaRussa . . .

I like those stars, but I have some idiosyncratic preferences on my own All-Star list.

  • John Loyd, the Cards’ project manager for the construction of the new ballpark, is schooling the region on how to bring in a major construction project on-time and on-budget. His efficient direction recently saved enough time for the contractors to use conventional demolition techniques, rather than riskier explosives, to bring down old Busch Stadium.

  • William DeWitt III, the Cards official in charge of Ballpark Village, has convinced developers, bankers, builders, and former skeptics that this important mixed use development on downtown’s southern quarter is both real and imminent.

  • Mark Lamping, the team’s president, has — by force of personality and habit of thoroughness — made bricks and steel grow out of a parking lot — in less than 5 years. He plays his position without peer — and, were there such an award, Mark would be my choice for Business MVP of the Year.