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Posted on 03.31.09
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  • Posted on 03.31.09

The Downtown Residents Association and Metropolitan Congregations United — two groups before which I have spoken many times — both hosted candidate forums over the past several days. Here are a few things I learned:

  • The vast majority of people who attend candidate forums have already made up their minds on the candidates and issues.

  • There are almost no questions asked at these forums that can be answered in the one or two minutes the optimistic organizers have allotted.

  • A single bottle of water is not enough for an hour and a half of talking.

  • One of my opponents does a spot-on imitation of Malcolm X.

  • The ARRA is the most under-communicated and misunderstood legislation in recent American history.

  • KSDK’s Ann Rubin is never going to catch up to the missing fourth candidate in the race.

  • The least listened-to answer in a forum is the closing statement.

  • Candidate forums lack the focus of neighborhood association meetings, and the spirit of parish fish fries.

  • My opponents’ favorite argument is that they are not me. Their persuasiveness diminishes after that one.