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Posted on 08.03.05
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  • Posted on 08.03.05

The McDonalds on Gravois near Hampton is one of the City’s oldest fast-food restaurants. As far as I can remember, only a White Castle was earlier. According to Barb Geisman, the McD’s owner plans to replace the circa 1960 building with a new one this year.

Meanwhile, Barb reports that a vacant Hardees is about to give way to a very exciting new project near Benton Park.

I have always thought that the prominent southwest corner of Jefferson and Arsenal in Benton Park West (across from Benton Park) and should be something other than a fast-food restaurant. Alderman Ken Ortmann agreed. So, for the past four years, the alderman, the CDA, and I have worked with Hardees to secure the restaurant site and the surrounding property for new development.

Here are some of the details:

Designed by Killeen Associates (with assistance from the City’s Director of Planning and Urban Design, Rollin Stanley) and developed by Tim Vogt’s Millenium Restoration & Development, the new development will feature underground parking, ground floor retail, and approximately thirty residential condominium units. The design of the new structures is sensitive to the surrounding historic architecture, and the new development will tie established Benton Park to the Benton Park West neighborhood.